Originally a permaculture education centre, today the 65-acre property is a working polyculture farm located in the picturesque Jamberoo Valley on the NSW South Coast.

Our philosophies value biodiversity and ecological balance; we strive to leave land in a better condition than when we found it, value animal welfare and ethical practices, and provide educational opportunities around sustainable and organic food processes.

Applying holistic principles that reach beyond organic practices including regenerative practices such as cover cropping, companion planting, and integrated animal systems.

We are constantly exploring new permaculture designs to ensure long term food and water security. Our animal systems are being updated to portable, adaptable systems that can be changed to suit the conditions of the land, season to season. This will allow the animals to help improve the land and have access to healthier, diverse pastures.

What is Permaculture?

“A system of design that provides all of the needs for humanity in a way that benefits the environment” – Geoff Lawton.

Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems.

It integrates the land, resources, people and the environment, providing food, energy, shelter and other needs in a sustainable way.

What is Polyculture?

Polyculture is a principle of Permaculture, providing crop diversity by growing multiple crops in the same space, imitating the diversity of natural ecosystems.

Polyculture reduces susceptibility to disease and increases local biodiversity.

We advocate for education and transparency of methods allowing the public to gain a better understanding of our processes through our farm stays.

Our farm tours are coming soon – follow us on Instagram to stay up to date.

Getting here


185 Wallaby Hill Rd,
Jamberoo NSW 2533




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